Equatorial Guinea can offer much to volunteers in addition to the l adventure associated with travel. This comes about because despite having significant oil deposits, much of its population live in poverty sustaining themselves by subsistence farming.

Among some of the available volunteer opportunities are those that link volunteers with youth. In one such program hosted in Malabo, volunteers teach and engage in several activities with youth from schools in the city. The volunteers teach language and math to students in 4th, 5th, 6th grades as well as secondary school students from the year one and two. The program includes workshops on art, theatre, crafts and games.


Another interesting project in Malabo that runs all year round aims to attract university students and fresh graduates. The volunteer program aims to provide hands on experience tailored to meet the local community needs. The program engages in many community activities including health care, education, public health, business, outreach among others. This program is especially suitable for advanced students searching for experience and undergraduates. This is because the hosts work with institutions to develop transferable credits. The experience is perfect for candidates who need to volunteer in a forward thinking and learning based environment.

As with many far flung locations, finding the best program for you may require enlisting to a volunteer agency to organize your trip. Though many agencies charge a fee for their services, they are known to cater for all the trips requirements and vet organizations to ensure you arrive and complete the trip safely.


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