Volunteering provides an opportunity to make a difference and Mali has many opportunities for people interested in assisting with global issues. There are many reasons why Mali is ideal, take the fact that 60% of the population is illiterate or the harsh drought prone nature of the country.

Nevertheless, Mali is perfect for hiking and safari and has many sandy spots that will ensure your excursion is not all work. There are also three UN heritage sites within the country all worth visiting. Organizations such as GWC take volunteers to Mali to assist with the literacy problems. GWC volunteers can assist with counselling, adult literacy, child education, health promotion services and support for extremely poor families.

ECOVA Mali is also an organization that is always keen to take on volunteers to assist in its agricultural work in the country. The organization has a training centre where volunteers will find many activities to keep them busy and participating throughout their stay in Mali. The goal of the training centre is to become a working model for sustainable agriculture and volunteers can choose from many farm related activities. It is hoped that eventually the training centre can become a financial reserve to support ongoing development activities from produce sold currently including meat, fish and value added products.

Medicine for Mali is a suitable organization for volunteers interested in medicine or health care. The organization almost entirely composed of volunteers who work together to ensure Malians receive low cost medical supplies. Students are often entrusted the task of travelling to provide these low cost medicines to villagers and clinics in Mali.


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