Even in Africa, few countries can boast of having nine national parks. The abundance of game and protected areas is enough reason for anyone interested in volunteering in conservation to water in the mouth.

The Wildlife Action Group (WAG) Malawi manages two protected areas in Central Malawi namely, the Thuma Forest Reserve and Deza Salima forest reserve. WAG always welcomes volunteers to assist in day-to-day work. WAG volunteers come from various backgrounds including animal behaviourists, students, builders, mechanics, agriculture, musicians, flight attendants and office workers.

Another conservation project operates in the Majete wildlife reserve that has become a thriving location for lions, rhinos, elephants and other species. Volunteers are enlisted to track, monitor and observe the wildlife in the reserve keeping the project sustainable. The park suffered from rampant poaching in the 80’s and 90’s and reintroduced majority of species in 2003.

In addition to conservation work, volunteers can enlist with major international organizations such as VSO International. The program focuses on HIV/AIDS, health and social welfare, food security and education in 7 districts in rural Malawi. According to VSO international, HIV remains a major challenge with 1 in 10 people infected.

Another organization that brings volunteers to Malawi is explore-malawi.com and provides an appropriate method to volunteer away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As of now, the organization requires both nursery and primary school teachers to assist in the Community Based Child Care Center and at local primary institutions. Volunteers can enlist with the program for durations ranging from between 1 to 6 months or more.


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