Developing nations such as Kenya experience a wide variety of social crisis, including poverty, slums disease and income generation all too overwhelming for available resources.

Volunteers interested in visiting Kenya can arrange with organizations such as Developing World Connections that send individuals to 13 developing states including Kenya. The volunteers visit the country on short excursions of either a week or two weeks. Volunteers from 9 years old to 83 years old are accepted for the program making it ideal for a family experience. The organization does not require any special experience and participants are often engaged in construction of community facilities such as schools, houses or community centres.  

For individuals interested in faith based volunteer missions, working the hot and dry Turkana region with churches such as Loareng’ak Parish can allow participants a glimpse into the life of nomads. The church enlists participants to assist with teaching in the region that is sparsely populated and has very low literacy. Volunteers who have participated in the project reported having learnt the root of the local problem and the strong impact of culture on daily life.

There are local organizations such as SOL-Kenya that cater for volunteers interested in a variety of development-oriented projects. The organization does not require possessing any special skills and accepts both short and long-term volunteers. Volunteers can participate in education as teachers, health at community dispensaries, food and nutrition in various crop and animal husbandry projects, HIV/AIDS and rural community development. Volunteers interested in agriculture can contact the Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA) established as a non-profit in 1962. Volunteers can assist on organic farms, fishpond construction, poultry farms and other income generating projects. 


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