In a country which prides itself on hosting one of the largest volunteer communities in the world, there are plenty of volunteering opportunities for people from other countries too.

Presence of many volunteer agencies in the country render this option viable in case of people from other countries who wish to observe and experience the Austrian culture at close range. Teaching, farm work, humanitarian work, tourism and work related to environment are some of the areas in which volunteers can offer their services and in return they not only get a glimpse of the country but get to learn German too. Many of the organizations specify age group as also qualifications of individuals whom they would accept as volunteers.

There is plenty of official support for anyone who wishes to volunteer and help out in a fruitful manner. In exchange for their services, volunteers in Austria are often granted a stipend, work experience certificate and practical exposure to a new language.

Of course, you will need a work permit as also clearance from the Austrian foreign ministry before you start exploring the various options because compliance to stated rules is a must in this country. 


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