Volunteering is a means for people around the world t work together to alleviate the plight of other around the world. In the Central African Republic political conflict has lead the nation to become among the least developed countries worldwide. Over 70% of this country’s population live in rural areas and rely on subsistence farming for their livelihood. In 2013, a new military government came into power through a coup d’état. The resulting instability creates many opportunities for people who genuinely want to assist.

The ICRC has for a while now been active in assisting with provision of water, food and medical services to the public. For professionals such as doctors, nurses and other medical personnel volunteering services in the country can be very good for both exposure and experience. Major international organizations such as the ICRC are also very suitable as they can ensure security, accommodation and basic amenities will be provided. In addition to that, the certificates they provide are souvenirs in their own right.

Other major international organizations active in the country include the IRC, which also aims to ensure the citizens of CAR receive basic services such as health care, sanitation and safe drinking water. Experts and individuals alike can volunteer their time or expertise to assist the organization meet this daunting task.

In addition to the disaster management organizations, the Mercy Corps is also active in CAR. The organization’s objective is to relieve the plight of vulnerable groups in the country owing to recurrent political conflict. Among the activities, volunteers can expect to be engaged in, include emergency response, counselling for women and children, water distribution and conflict governance. It is worth noting that given the potential volatile environment only experienced volunteers should consider making such applications.


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