Imagine volunteering on a perfect island getaway. Cape Verde promises volunteers visiting this and so much more. The Atlantic Whale Foundation (AWF) is one of the islands active organizations that recruit volunteers to assist in conservation. The Cape Verde program was designed in 2012 aims to recruit volunteers who will watch humpback whale sightings, and take pictures in addition to recording acoustic data on these huge mammals. Volunteers in the project are accommodated in apartments in Boa Vista.

The above project is run in partnership with the Turtle foundation in Cape Verde that also recruits volunteers. The Turtle foundation began protecting beaches in West Africa in 2007, following the massacre of over 1000 female turtles that came ashore to nest. Since then the foundation has constantly recruited volunteers to keep the turtles safe. In addition to protection, the foundation also has projects that are designed for youth and community education as well as eco tourism.

The Peace Corps have also been active in Cape Verde since 1988 with over 500 volunteers having passed through the country. The Corps send in volunteers to work in areas of community development, education, health and business. The Peace Corp volunteers also receive training in local languages such as Barlavento Kriolu, Portuguese and Sotavento Kriolu.

The islands are very attractive for tourists and as such, some volunteer experiences are created even by the business in the region. Organizations such as recruit volunteers to help in creating a suitable web presence and to learn marketing skills. The organization will provide volunteers food and accommodation as well as laptops software and a training location. Volunteers will train for half the day and have the rest of the day free. The program is set to run for about 2 weeks. Some Cape Verdeans have Jewish ancestry and have formed an organization that is always in need of volunteers to help in preservation of their heritage. For Jews or people interested in religious history and migration this may be what you need. The islands of Cape Verde are fun to visit and have activities to keep you meaningfully engaged.


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