The culture of voluntarism in Brunei is not as well developed as in its neighbouring countries, because the Sultanate is recognized for its close-knit family units, who typically help each other. This does not man Bruneians do not rise to the occasion when necessary. The 2004 tsunami saw donations of thousands of dollars pouring in to help Aceh victims. A look at the various government agencies will show that there are many places where one can do volunteer work in Brunei.

The Community Development Department of the Ministry of Culture has established projects like Young Persons Support Group, Senior Citizens Family Project and a number of others that require volunteer help on regular basis. There are a number of children’s centres, drug prevention associations and associations for the blind where you can offer your services as a volunteer.


For those with an interest in nature, volunteers can offer to volunteer in a park located in the most pristine rainforests of the world, on the island of Borneo. Volunteers help to operate a 15 room accommodation by doing farm work, maintaining the accommodation, cooking and a host of other jobs. The purpose of the location is to promote nature and practice conservation.

Volunteering in Brunei not only allows you to spend time in one of the most beautiful parts of the world but help volunteers build personal character, and prepare you for your future career. 


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