Armenia is a country truly deserving volunteer help. Adjustment to separation from Soviet Union, the 1988 earthquake leaving 500,000 people homeless and the worldwide recession have all added to its burden.

Owing to the large numbers of international aid agencies and NGOs setting up house in Armenia and the mushrooming growth of many local bodies, there are almost unlimited number of volunteer options in the country. Options from health, to environment and teaching to professional placement in every field imaginable are possible.  

Students in the process of getting degrees and professionals like IT experts, MBAs, lawyers, architects, bankers, medical and health care professional are all taking time off from their obligations and providing a service in Armenia.

Professional nurses have been known to work with volunteer doctors from different countries to dress wounds, teach children about personal hygiene, first aid and basic life saving methods. Volunteers can donate anywhere from a few weeks to several months of their time. A number of volunteers even return annually, giving a few weeks of their time each year.   

There is no age limit to volunteer in Armenia. A 55 year old visual arts and business development expert from Australia provided feedback and practical guidance, while serving in a handicrafts organization. A 30 year old American architect served for two months with the Armenian Ministry of Economy.

While many professionals provide voluntary services in professional capacity, it does not mean that they have to limit themselves to the professional field. Numerous orphanages, homes for the elderly and rural schools also welcome volunteers into their communities. Home-stay style lodgings and food are usually provided to the volunteers.


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