Despite being a thriving and economically powerful nation, the Bahamas does offer several opportunities to volunteers interested in lending a helping hand. Like most other island nations, the vast majority of volunteering programmes available in the Bahamas are environment-oriented; more specifically, they are focused on marine flora and fauna. However, there are a few programmes focusing on community development, education, or helping the disabled as well.

Marine conservation programmes are quite popular and they can vary in length from one week to several months. You can also opt to watch whales or dolphins, or survey reefs. The neat thing about these programmes is that they also include free diving lessons, so you can learn a new skill while helping the environment.

There are quite a number of volunteer holidays organised in the area. By choosing to opt for a volunteer holiday, as opposed to a standard programme, you can ensure that you will have plenty of free time to enjoy the warm weather while still giving something back to the community.

Requirements for joining a volunteering programme will vary from agency to agency, but the most typical ones include over 18 years of age, a clean criminal record, and a solid knowledge of the English language. The programme fee will cover accommodation and 2 or 3 meals per day. Sometimes, certain classes or courses are also included in the fee. Visas, vaccinations, and flight fares are usually up to the volunteer. 


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