Working Holiday / Temporary Work

It is The International Wanderers understanding that Myanmar does not currently have working holiday agreements in place with any other country.

However other types of visas are available. These could include work, student, skilled work or business visas.

For the most up to date and accurate information we suggest you contact the closest Embassy or Consulate of this country.


Other Visas

You need at least one available page in your passport and 6 months validity.

Tourist visa is valid for 28 days

Business visa: 70 days

To obtain a business visa a letter of invitation (In colour!) is required stating the purpose of the visit from a registered business within Myanmar and a copy of the business registration form.

Both the tourist and business visa can now be obtained as an e-visa.

The business visa can also be obtained upon arrival.

If applying for it on arrival you will need a letter of invitation from a business in addition to the registration forms of set business.

REMEMBER: Passport photo and 50$ processing fee.

Visa runs. In order to obtain a new visa Myanmar must be exited and an application for a new visa is required. Either at an embassy, upon arrival (with the right documents) or as an e-visa. The most common destination for such visa runs is Bangkok.


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