The private and public institutes of higher education in Thailand fall under the domain of Ministry of University Affairs, and have international campuses spread across the country. Several of the universities fall in the top 100 in the world university rankings, in their respective fields. Outstanding programs in medicine, humanities, information technology and arts are offered.

Educational tourism is on the rise in Thailand, and there are many fields you can pursue. Muay Thai (Thai boxing) gained popularity rapidly with dozens of training camps spread across the country. Many of these tended to be traditional in nature, where training was gruelling and the facilities not so great. Regardless of that, due to the high demand many of the centres could not take on short-term foreign fighters. Now there are specialized Western training centres with emphasis on the sport and not producing a prize fighter. The centres have English speaking instructors, good equipment and a pleasant environment.

Thailand has always been highly regarded as the place for Buddhist mediation studies. Vipassana is a form of meditation exclusive to Theravada Buddhism and to lesser degree Tibetan Buddhism. Many temples and meditation centres in Thailand focus on this form of meditation teaching. Normally Thai is used as the medium of instruction, but there some places that use English as the medium of instruction. Temples provide instruction and accommodation free of cost, however donations are expected.

Thai massage, based on the theory of manoeuvring body’s pressure points to distribute energy throughout the body evenly, is another study option. Some aspects of Thai massage also deal with muscular-skeletal system in the similar way as modern physiotherapy.

Whether you wish to go for professional higher studies or ancient disciplines that have been practiced for hundreds of years, there is something for everyone to study in Thailand.


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