Studying options for foreigners are very limited in Solomon Islands. Education in the country is not mandatory and only about 60% of all school-age children have access to it. The lack of adequate infrastructure and the nation’s struggling economy further reduce the options for foreigners.

Nonetheless, there are two higher education institutions offering undergraduate and postgraduate studies with campuses in the Solomon Islands: the University of the South Pacific and the University of Papua New Guinea. For enrolment requirements as well as a full list of available courses, it is best to contact these institutions directly.

There are several summer study programmes revolving around marine activities, in particular scuba diving, which service the area of Solomon Islands as well as a few other island nations in the South Pacific. Scuba diving classes range from beginners to professionals.

Those wishing to engage in a study programme with a length over 90 days will require a student visa. For more information, contact a local embassy. 


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