Although the education system in Samoa has greatly improved over the past two decades, this South Pacific island nation still has a long way to go. Nonetheless, there still are a few study programmes available for international students.

The city of Apia is home to the Agricultural Faculty belonging to the University of the South Pacific, co-owned by 12 neighbouring island nations. In addition, there are a few other higher education institutions in Samoa, offering a wide range of courses, from arts to technology. The best way of obtaining a one-semester or one-year study programme with a Samoan university is by contacting the adviser at your own institution to see if there are any affiliate programmes. Classes in Samoa are typically bilingual, but English is in most cases a second language.

Apart from higher education studies, there are a few other, specialized study programmes foreigners might be interested in. One of the most popular programmes revolves around changes in the Pacific communities. Students are immersed deep into the Samoan culture, thus giving them an opportunity to study the social, political, and economical changes in the community, as a response to globalization.

Any foreigner wishing to undergo a study programme in Samoa is required to obtain a temporary resident permit. 


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