Hong Kong has a lot to offer students the come here to study from all over the world. It makes available educational institutes that have been ranked among the top 200 according to well reputed organizations like The Times of London, and Newsweek. It offers prize winning professors and Nobel laureates to teach the students. Hong Kong also offers a stimulating environment conducive to studying. Hong Kong universities go beyond the classroom instruction and provide its students practical experience and exposure to diverse views on life, ethics and culture.

There are eight institutes of higher education which hold international recognition in Hong Kong. Funded by the government, these institutes offer Associate, Bachelor’s Master’s and Doctoral programs. A large variety of post-secondary certificates, vocational trainings, and diploma courses are also available at these and other institutes.  

There is a wide selection of majors to choose from and they all employ English as the medium of instruction. Additionally, courses in Chinese language are also offered to foreign students interested in making the most out of their stay in Hong Kong.  

While most students are expected to fund their own studies in Hong Kong, some scholarships are available. A recent change in the law now allows full time, foreign students to hold study/curriculum based internships, on-campus jobs, and summer jobs while studying in Hong Kong. When foreign students enter Hong Kong, they are given a “No Objection Letter” which outlines the conditions and the types of employment students are allowed to engage in.


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