The Academy of French Guiana is often referred to as the University of the French West Indies and Guiana and it is a French public higher education institution, the only one of its kind in French Guiana. There are two campuses in the region, one in Cayenne and the other in Kourou. Foreign students can enrol for classes through international student exchange programmes, for one semester or an entire academic year.

Apart from higher education studies, you could also pursue French language classes in this region, as there are quite a few available options. You can choose between standard classroom courses or immersion programmes.

Given the abundance of nature reserves which can be found in French Guyana, international students can also enrol in an ecotourism study programme, which involve a myriad of fun, outdoor activities apart from traditional classes.

Requirements for obtaining a student visa in French Guiana are the same with those implemented in France, so contact a local embassy for more info.


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