Study opportunities for foreigners are quite limited in Suriname. Currently, there is only one university in the country, the Anton de Kom, in Panamaribo. This institution has several exchange programmes with universities from a variety of countries, so check with your local academic adviser to see if you could pursue this opportunity.

The university has a number of faculties you can enrol in, including Medical Sciences, Law, Economics, Sociology, Business Management, and Technological Sciences. However, classes at the university are only held in Dutch, so you’ll have to show proof of your proficiency in the language.

Since Suriname is a Dutch-speaking country, you might be able to find a language class you could enrol in. Your best bet would be looking for a private tutor, but there are also several schools or institutions that offer language programmes.

Foreigners will need a student visa in order to be allowed to attend classes in Suriname, so check with a local embassy for application requirements and current fees.


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