When applying to study in universities abroad, cost living and standard of education are of primary concern for students. According to some rankings, Cairo is among the most affordable cities to reside in, with only Mexico City being cheaper. For the academic year 2012/13, five of Egypt’s universities made it on the QS World University Rankings making attaining an education in Egypt a first choice for many prospective students. Additionally Egypt offers its foreign students an opportunity to explore one of the oldest cultures on the planet, first hand see the Great Pyramids, Valley of the Kings and cruise down the Nile.

Egypt has twenty public universities and 23 private universities. The government has made higher education a top priority and has implemented a number of programs to make the universities more internationally competitive. Most of the universities offer student housing and if that option is not appealing then affordable flats are also available for the more independent minded students.

There are numerous study abroad programs offered during the summer for students interested in learning Arabic, Arab History & culture, Islamic Art, Egyptology or one of the numerous other courses. For students interested in short term studies in Egypt, non-credit courses are offered by some of the more reputable universities. 


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