The knowledge of three Nobel laureates having hailed from Argentina is sufficient for anyone with a scholarly bend of mind to consider it for the purpose of pursuing higher education. So what are the academic areas that you can explore in this nation?

To begin with, it is one of the best places to learn Spanish because in addition to adequate exposure to the language it also provides beautiful settings that encourage learning, retention and use of the language. Students from abroad can enroll into any certified Spanish course being offered in any of the universities and while studying can explore the various corners of the country. If you are an adventurist at heart then you must opt for a university that is located in the cradle of nature but Buenos Aires would be perfect in case you wish to soak in the Paris-like atmosphere.

Science is another field which should be considered for studying in Argentina courtesy of exemplary teaching centers and research facilities that have cropped up over the recent years. From basic to advanced there are courses offered for all levels and there is something for everyone here. With almost all subjects being an integral part of the curriculum, the choice available to interested students is plenty.

Opting to study in Argentina will offer you a glimpse of a colorful and vibrant culture that you will get to be a part of rather than watch at a distance and move on without sampling it.


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