Whether enrolling in high school or one of the top universities, Uganda promises a revealing experience. Being a member of the commonwealth its education system is very similar to what exists in most member states.  

Makerere, the country’s oldest institution was the first university established (1922) in the East African Region. For this reason the alumni includes some of the most prominent personalities in the region including, Former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, Former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa.. A closer look at the alumni suggests the institution could be a great starting point for aspiring African politicians.

At Makerere, of 30,000 students over 10% are foreigners mostly from Africa. Of these, reasonable number come from countries out-of-Africa such as Japan, US, UK and Norway, with some foreign universities having exchange programs with the institution. Though foreigners pay higher fees than locals do, tuition and living expenses are still far lower than in western countries making it ideal. Overall Uganda is home to over 15,000 international students enrolled in its universities.

Other than Makerere, foreigners can enrol within other government universities, religious affiliated universities or private universities. All institutions are thoroughly vetted by government bodies and performance is constantly monitored (National Higher Education Council).

Uganda is an ideal location due to the peaceful nature of its people and stable government. Most universities in the Uganda provide a wide range of quality programs that promise a truly African university experience. Most students in Uganda are attracted to the country because they get to experience cultural variation, wildlife, and landscape while pursuing quality education. You can find further information on visas from the immigration department.

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