Vietnam has only two major cities Hoh Chi Minh and Hanoi, hence most of the professional jobs in Vietnam for foreigners are located here. A large number of multinational establishments are making these cities their home in the region. Most of the jobs are concentrated in the IT industry, construction and tourism. Additionally there is a large English teaching potential along with job opportunities in the many NGOs functioning out of Vietnam.

Most of the large companies offer relocation packages which vary according to the skill level of the employee and negotiating ability of the worker. Salaries in Vietnam are typically less than those compared to other favourite expatriate destinations. However the cost of living is also much less, which means that expatriates can have the same quality of life they are used to in their own countries. Having working knowledge of Vietnamese language will provide an edge with colleagues as well as enhance the overall experience of working in Vietnam.

The best paying jobs in Vietnam for westerners are the ones offered by international organizations, and they are usually secured before coming to the country. Finding a job after landing in Vietnam is not much of a problem, however the government is becoming more active in implementing stricter visa regulations.

Casual jobs in Vietnam come in a wide range of fields. Talent scouts recruit Rambo style foreigners to work as extras in war moves. The demand for labour increases many-fold during Tet, Vietnamese New Year, for services like domestic work, selling goods spreading leaflets etc. The pay during this holiday season is also three times higher and many workers migrate to the larger cities for earning extra income. Even chain stores hire additional help during Tet, particularly students and other unskilled workers.


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