Being a major offshore financial centre, there are many jobs in Cayman Islands in fields related to Finance, Law and Insolvency. Roles with the numerous leading audit and accountancy firms are possible, as well as in insurance management companies, and banks. To be taken seriously, it is best to get in touch with specific companies.

Individuals having special skills and ambitions not associated with financial sector, also stand a good chance of finding employment but it make take a little effort. For example, management positions in construction are filled with employees from overseas as there aren’t sufficient numbers of qualified Caymanians. The best way to land such jobs is to go through the list of local construction companies and contacting them directly. Companies typically go through their resumes on file to find qualified personnel once there is a vacancy.

The hospitality industry is a good option for those looking for transient work in the Cayman Islands. Hiring typically begins in September when hotels and restaurants need staff for the high season beginning in December. Mailing resumes to specific restaurants or hotels directly is a good way to begin. Seasonal permits for durations of six to eight months can be obtained by employers without too much difficulty. Local Grocery stores are also frequently looking to hire staff and they too prefer direct contact.

Teaching employment in the Cayman Islands is another good option. Two year contracts with incentives to continue are the common practice. The renewal contract is usually based on annual performance reports. While a large majority of the teachers are hired from Jamaica, England, Canada and the U.S, teachers with good credentials from other countries also stand a fair chance. The Ministry of Education hires not only teachers but other education related employees to work in public schools. Applying to the Recruitment Manager of the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment website is a good way to start. 


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