Samoa still faces a high unemployment rate and its economic growth is somewhat impeded by isolation and the sometimes violent weather moods. Because of this, there are limited options for foreigners looking to find employment in this nation.

Agriculture and the fishing industry are the most developed in Samoa, but wages are not particularly high. Tourism has been on the rise for the past several years, opening up new windows of opportunity for foreigners with some experience in the field. Another option for employment in Samoa is available to certified teachers, in a variety of topics, from English to Maths. Doctors and nurses also have higher chances of being hired in Samoa.

Although English is an official language, most locals prefers using their own language, Samoan. If you’re interested in working long term, you will be required to start learning this language. You can arrange for classes once you’re there, as it is fairly easy to find a programme or a private tutor.

Anyone wishing to work in Samoa will be required to obtain a work permit. For more information on this matter, contact a local Samoan embassy.


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