Malaysia is benefiting from a growing economy. Its workforce enjoys an open and newly industrialized market economy in three main segments, international trade, manufacturing, and tourism.

Regardless of the efforts to move away from depending too much on manufacture and exports sector, it still dominates the Malaysian economy. Labourers working in this sector produce semiconductor devices, textiles, information and communication technology, electronics, palm oil and timber. Majority of the jobs available to expatriates are in this manufacturing sector and the service sector.

Numerous multinational companies based in Malaysia hire expatriate personnel. Included in these businesses are banks, energy companies, and financial accounting firms. New economic sectors that are expanding and have potential for jobs include: nanotechnology, biotechnology, renewable energies and medical tourism. In fact tourism of all kinds is growing and many expatriates are being inducted in jobs in this area.

In order to be able to work in Malaysia, you must first get expat status. The Expat Committee handles all questions and expat employment issues. To be granted the expat status two conditions have to be fulfilled. First, the minimum salary has to be RM 5000 and second the employment duration has to be for two years.

It is possible to get employment on a tourist visa only, but then you will not be protected. If the employer makes you work longer shifts, or decides not to pay, there will be no one to complain to. Also you will be taxed as an expatriate, which is more than 27%.


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