A large number of industries are relocating their operations to Cambodia from China and as a result more expatriates are finding jobs in Cambodia. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are the two cities with best work opportunities for foreign nationals. The government is making every effort to attract foreign investment and boost local industry, as a result work visas are easier to obtain compared to some other countries in the area. Once the Cambodia work visa is acquired, it may be renewed endlessly. In fact there are many jobs that do not even require a work permit.

There are two distinct types of work in Cambodia for foreigners. Casual work involving help in restaurants, bars or guesthouses is easily available however, the pay is rather limited. While it may be sufficient to survive in Cambodia, it will not be something one will get rich on. There is also a great demand for English language teachers and informal positions are readily available. Individuals with CELTA or similar professional qualifications can demand a significantly higher pay with authentic international schools than someone without much experience.

There is a great demand for workers with technical skills in the country. Greater value is placed on candidates with the required skill set than degrees or certificates. High level of command over written and spoken English is a requirement of most professional jobs, even for local citizens. Be warned that if a Cambodian has the required skills, then he will be given the first preference for the job over a foreigner, but there are no limits on the numbers of foreigners an organization may hire.

There are also numerous jobs in Cambodia with nonprofit NGOs. A large number of people come to Cambodia to do voluntary work and gain international experience, but they also hire permanent staff. The large NGOs have much better pay scales than what one gets doing casual work. Another perk of working in Cambodia is that there are a large number of official holidays.


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