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For many students coming to New Zealand work is essential. ). For students enrolled in courses that span more than one year are allowed to work as much a 20 hours each week.

For those on Working Holiday Visas, finding a job is often on top of the “to do” list and for professionals, the appeal of New Zealand’s magnificent lifestyle and great scenery are a significant draw card.  

For professionals or those looking to migrate permanently there are over ten employment sectors that are experiencing shortages of labor and allow relatively easy migration into the country. See Careers New Zealand

Why New Zealand?

Among the main reason for migration is the political situation in the home countries of emigrants. NZ has a stable economy and there is a stark absence of political tension which ensures your move is more likely to bring you sustained benefits. In addition to that the country has a diverse culture which promises you will be right at home regardless of your original nationality. Lastly, language can present quite a challenge to foreigners and as such may be an issue of concern. However, though there are some native languages in use, most NZ residents speak English.

Who can work in New Zealand?

Common jobs for students such as those at restaurants or pubs will pay between NZ$ 13 and 16 per hour excluding tax. For more information interested applicants should take time to brush up on current labor and taxation law. For students the process of securing jobs is considerably easier as they can make use of Student Job Search. This organization has offices on the grounds of most institutions. You may want to note that all employees in NZ are required to pay taxes.

For professionals on the other hand job seeking is possible using information available from the Careers New Zealand. Jobs that fit the New Zealand skills shortage list should see that appropriately qualified applicants have much easier time getting visas and/or work and residence permits.

In addition to students and professionals, NZ also provides holidaymakers an opportunity to work while they travel the country. If you hold a valid Working Holiday Visa there is plenty of casual and seasonal work in New Zealand that can help fund your holiday. Depending on your location, you can select from a variety of jobs including fruit picking. Prime locations fruit picking in New Zealand include Bay of Islands, rural Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne, Hawkes, Nelson, Marlborough, and Central Otago. Agricultural work is also available year round and you can approach farmers directly or get help from local hostels to find. Winter work is also available at ski resorts and popular jobs include bar tending, waiting, ski tow operations and for the qualified ski and snowboard instructing.

Job hunters can look through the many websites that offer full time, part time, contract, casual and seasonal job opportunities in New Zealand (such as Seek, TradeMe or New Kiwis). These sites offer detailed information on jobs available throughout New Zealand in cities and rural locations. Please also see The International Wanderer’s job and volunteering opportunity listings.

Whatever your reason for wanting to work in New Zealand – the New Zealand immigration policies may offer appropriate avenues and visas to make your dream a reality.

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