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Somalia is a largely semi arid country in the horn of Africa. The horn of Africa is the easternmost edge of the African continent and Somalia shares borders with Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The country measures 637,657 square kilometres and comparatively is just smaller than Texas. Somalia’s capital is Mogadishu and the population is just above 10 million.

Somalia: Climate and Landscape

Somalia’s terrain is flat in the South and mountainous in the North. The country is primarily desert. Northeast monsoon winds blow between December to February bringing moderate temperatures in the north and extreme heat in the south. During the months o May to October Southeast monsoon winds prevail bringing irregular rainfall and hot humid periods.

Places to Visit in Somalia

In the absence of any government and the presence of armed militia across the country, Somalia is not suitable for any kind of sight-seeing. However, the capital city Mogadishu and another major city Kismayu all lie along the Indian Ocean.


Somalia: People and Language

Somali and Arabic are the official languages of Somalia though Italian and English are used in major commercial centres. The main ethnicities in Somalia are the Somali 85% while the remaining 15% is made up of Bantu speakers, Arabs and other nationalities. Somalia is mainly composed of Sunni Muslims.

Other Facts from Somalia

Somalia is the most homogenous country in all of Africa but unity has been thwarted by clan-based rivalry. Owing to this unfair clan based distribution of resources civil war broke out in 1991 ending Siad Barre’s 21-year rule. Since then the nation has seen several militia gain control of regions and at times the entire nation. Despite the turmoil Somalia continues to soldier on often breaking into the news more recently with an upsurge of piracy along the Gulf of Aden. Due to the absence of any government the Somali coast is a haven for illegal activity including fishing, smuggling rings among other commercial ventures. Somalia has an unpopular transitional government aimed at restoring democracy and peace in the country.


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