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As the name suggests, South Africa is the southernmost nation on the African continent. The country has three capital centres: Pretoria (administrative), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial).

South Africa’s Climate, Landscape, and Wildlife

The climate is mainly warm with a few arid regions. The Western Cape region receives most of its rainfall in winter while the rest of the country receives its rain in summer.

The country is home to deserts, mountains, escarpments, grassland and plateaus, bush wetlands and sub tropical forest. This is one of the countries in the world with beaches on both sides and both bordering different oceans, namely the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  

South Africa has many game reserves including Kruger National Park known for supporting a greater variety of wildlife species than any game reserve on the African continent. South Africa has the oldest wine industry outside Europe and its wine is served exclusively at the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge in the United States. South Africa is home to an entire floral kingdom.


South Africa’s People and Language

South Africa is very culturally diverse and has a population of approximately 51 million. The diversity has led to a number of officially recognised languages (11) including Afrikaans, Isizulu, and English. Many South Africans speak both English and Afrikaans.

South Africa was the first African country to ever host the World Cup and South Africans are passionate about sport and compete on a global level in soccer, cricket and rugby.

South Africa’s Industry and Natural Resources

There is so much to hear, see and learn in South Africa. This resource rich nation has so much to offer the world. Over 80% of the land is arable and due to this, the country has the oldest wine industry outside Europe. South Africa is also the second largest fruit exporter worldwide.

South Africa’s regional contribution is unparalleled. The country is rated third globally in production of safe drinking water and it also produces the cheapest electricity worldwide. South Africa is responsible for manufacturing two thirds of Africa’s electricity. Infrastructure is great and the highways and railways here are equivalent to what exists in many developed nations.

With that being said, a trip to South Africa is bound to get you curious about the rest of Africa, as well.


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