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Hong Kong is a city exploding with dynamism. From its regimented world of big banks, sophisticated hotels and colourful tourist attractions to the uncouth world of hash dealers, and slick personal computer traders cutting deals by the container load. It is a city that is always on the go.

The thought of Hong Kong brings images of a flashy city, with high rising buildings and lots of people to mind. We often overlook that it is an archipelago consisting of 260 inlands. Its geographical location at the mouth of Pearl River Delta, in the South of China, places it in the perfect position to be the gatekeeper between East and West. Not only it is Hong Kong the epicentre of international trade but it is also a major tourist attraction.

Hong Kong was freed from British rule in 1997, and officially handed back to China. Now, while it is technically a part of China it has maintained and established its own identity. In accordance with the agreement between China and the United Kingdom, Hong Kong maintains its own legal and political systems, issues its own passports, and has its own currency. There is even a pseudo Chinese embassy in Hong Kong. For all practical purposes Hong Kong is an independent country.  

Visitors to Hong Kong have loads of activity options. One experience unique to Hong Kong is a ride in a “junk”, a motorized recreational vessel that takes tourists around Hong Kong’s numerous coastlines. Another option is the jaw-dropping airborne tours taking off from hotel top helipads. On a more traditional front, one can visit vintage tea houses for authentic Hong Kong tastes.


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