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Settled since the Palaeolithic era, The Republic of Georgia sits at the dividing line of Europe and Asia. It shares borders with Azerbaijan in the east, Black Sea in the west, Russia in the north and Armenia and Turkey in the south. The Greater Caucasus Mountains run along the northern border.

A very rugged and mountainous country, it is divided into two regions by the Likhi Range. Traditionally the eastern side was known as Iberia and the western as Colchis. The terrain is rather varied, ranging from marsh-forests in the low lands, and temperate rainforests all the way to unending snows and glaciers. The eastern side of the country has small areas of semi-arid plains. Roughly forty percent of the country is covered by forests.

Tbilisi is the capital city that was settled in fifth century and been continuously occupied ever since. It is historically rich with many monuments like Metekhi Church, Rustaveli Theatre and Freedom Square. To see the unique Georgian architecture, Batumi is the ideal location and even has plenty of beaches. For wine connoisseurs, wine tours can be arranged out of Tbilisi. Skiing enthusiasts usually head for the Caucasus Mountain resorts. Ice fishing is another popular winter activity enjoyed by many visitors in the winter.

Weather in Georgia is not always predictable due to it being a mountainous country. On average May is the wettest month and usually a good time to avoid. Winter usually starts in November and extends to March. December through February are good months if skiing on top of the agenda. Summer months are dry with temperatures in July ranging in the 80 to 90 degree Fahrenheit range. This is a good time to hit the beach.


Fast Facts

Capital City: Tbilisi         

Government:   Republic

Currency:   Georgian lari

Ethnicity:   Georgian, Azeri, Armenian, Russian

Language:   Georgian (official), Russian, Armenian

Religion:   Orthodox Christian, Muslim

Total Area:   69,700 km


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