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Due to its incredibly gigantic size, China is able to provide its visitors with a large variety of climates, customs and panorama. Surprising as it may seem, China is home to people of 56 distinct ethnicities. A dozen minorities have been living together in peace and harmony for thousands of years in the province of Yunnan alone. China is also the birthplace of some of the oldest religions of the world. Its people subscribe to a wide range of convictions ranging from the seldom heard of Bimo Religion, to Chinese Buddhism, Taoism, and the more commonly known religions of Christianity and Islam.

Chinese civilization has been a forerunner in many fields. Grains and tools found by archaeologists indicate that they have been growing rice since 5000 BC.  China is also credited with inventing ice cream around the year 2000 BC. They bundled a mixture of rice and soft milk in the snow and voila, instant rice flavored ice cream!


Ancient as it may seem, China stepped into the 21st century with a bang. Prompted by the modernization and commercialism of the west, it focused on making scientific development the epicenter of its growth. China dispatched students by the thousands to be trained in sciences and developing technologies, so essential scientific expertise could be developed within China.

China is very urban on the outside, yet conventional on the inside. It is space-aged with its high rise buildings and Lamborghini outlets but very old-fashioned on a deeper level. It is a land filled with contradictions and mesmerizing beauty waiting to be explored.


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