Despite the slow economic growth there numerous volunteer opportunities in Gambia. Organizations such as the Gambia Volunteer Trust are active in Gambia Volunteer participants assist in empowerment through educations and often build or refurbish learning institutions. Interested individuals are welcome to either participate in the annual Bajana and UK marathons or become active volunteers.

Another large organization that caters for volunteer in Gambia is VSO International. The organization works in partnership with local ministries to support education and cater for the disabled n Gambia. The organization accepts hundreds of volunteers annually to assist in its missions in over 30 developing countries, including Gambia.

For more experience volunteers, The Peace Corps has been in Gambia since 1967. The Corps has brought over 1500 volunteers working in areas of education, environment and health. The volunteers are trained in local languages to facilitate their work in the country. In addition to the Corps, organizations such as Mondo Challenge work with NGO’s in the country to assist with English instruction and provide business development support to HIV/AIDS sufferers. Volunteers mainly teach in rural schools and assist in projects such as bee keeping.

For tourists in Gambia, long established tour operators such as The Gambia Experience can help include volunteer activity in your holiday. The establishment can place skilled individuals within nursery schools, Early Childhood Development Centres or share skills to improve local livelihoods. In the ASSET program, tourists can share with locals experience and skills in bookkeeping, computer literacy, crafts, hospitality industry experience, cooking and menu planning as well as product design. The program is designed to ensure local populations get direct benefit from tourism. 


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