Volunteering in Swaziland ensures that participants can participate in their projects in a peaceful, warm and friendly country.

Organizations such as Kaya Responsible Travel have volunteer projects within Swaziland. The projects in the tiny nation allow volunteers to assist in caring for orphans or teaching underprivileged children in the country. The organization which serves to provide meaningful activity for tourists takes visitors on tours through Hlane Royal national park, white water rafting  and across the magnificent mountain scenery in the country.

Another organization that arranges for volunteer excursions n Swaziland is i-toi.com. The organization has various programs in the country that can serve diverse needs. The four-week orphan program takes volunteers to live with and care for orphans in orphanages within Swaziland. In addition to this the two-week sports and development program allows volunteers to participate in coaching soccer, swimming and other sports with special focus on families affected by the HIV scourge. The organization also caters for volunteers interested in teaching English and math to underprivileged children as well as building homes.

For more experienced volunteers projects run by the Peace Corps, which has been in Swaziland from 1968, may be more suitable. The Corps has from inception seen over 1500 volunteers through Swaziland and currently has 75 volunteers in the country. All out Africa also has a very interesting volunteer project that takes volunteers through South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. As volunteers take their journey they get to teach and visit hospitalised children while in Swaziland. The entire program covers a twelve-week period and many participants report the experience as fun and very educational. 


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