Korea offers its international volunteers that unique Far East cultural experience in a technologically advanced, highly developed setting, within a safe and stable environment. Volunteers can in return work in social projects, education or with children and elderly with disabilities and give something back to the community.

There are numerous projects available in Korea that you can choose to work in. An environmental & heritage restoration based in Busan, the second largest city needs volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35 for a period of ten days. The volunteers help to paint and restore the city’s historical train station and to work on one of the well known beaches of Korea, Haeundae beach. The beach is inundated with visitors every season and there is a great need to help maintain this natural resource. There are other environmental protection projects as well based in different parts of the country. Some deal with helping to decrease air and water pollution. Volunteers also try to reverse the effect of deforestation by planting trees and testing water and air quality.

A Human rights and rehabilitation project concerning former sex slaves is another unique volunteer option. Aiding women and children that have escaped or wish to break free from sexual slavery is a positive way to contribute to the Korean society. Volunteers can provide friendship to the trapped women or work in the human rights museum. Volunteers can also choose to advocate for the more than twenty thousand North Korean refuges living in South Korea. Jobs include aiding in language learning, helping to find employment, assisting in different ways to provide basics like food, shelter and food.


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