Volunteer work is underestimated because the volunteer gets no monetary compensation, but the benefits of volunteering go beyond the financial rewards. Volunteering provides an inner peace and satisfaction that can’t be evaluated in monetary terms. With this in mind, there are a number of local NGOs in Oman that are trying to alleviate various problems in the Omani society.

One well known association works by providing psychological support to drug addicts and their families. In the Omani society such people are considered to be shameful and a problem. The NGO works to create awareness that addiction is a sickness while supporting and aiding the people afflicted towards recovery.

Another well known charity in Oman, started by housewives wishing to do something positive in their community, is in dire need of volunteers. While on surface it appears they have hundreds of volunteers, only a handful are actually committed to the work. The volunteers help to organize food drives, collect clothes, and provide help during natural disasters. They also have a number of larger projects including rebuilding houses and running workshops teaching various skills.


An environmental society addresses the issues related to the wild life along the Omani coast. The group works by creating awareness in the public, conducting research projects, and exchanging ideas. One of their major projects includes educating society at large on loggerhead turtles on Masirah Island and carrying out research on Humpback Whales off Omani the coast. Volunteers participate by carrying out school presentations, taking part in discussion forums and participating in research initiatives.

Finally there are the conservation volunteer holidays on the remote mountainous peninsula of Oman. Volunteers spend their time studying coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. Volunteers help to map an underwater environment that is currently unprotected. Data on biological standing of the reefs and populations of animal and plant life is collected and analysed.


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