Volunteering is a perfect experience for individuals to travel and be of service to others. There are numerous issues in need of help across the globe and countries such as Mauritania ensure active and effective engagement. The country has relatively few natural resources and as such has several local issues that the government is unable to address. For example, literacy is low and is in the range of 60%. Many organizations in the country work in education and accept volunteers to help meet their goals. Other organizations admitting volunteers work in the fields of environmental and agricultural conservation, health, business development and information technology.

The Peace Corps is active in Mauritania and one of their projects is the Girls Education and Empowerment (GEE) project. This project aims to support girl’s education both in and out of school. The Corp achieves this by implementing both quality and quantity measures to in addition to community support.

Mauritania has a harsh desert climate, which has adversely contributed to low literacy in the country. The United Nations Volunteers have a program in the country that takes participants on a caravan ride around the remote parts of the country. In this program participants educate rural communities on the relevance of education for local development. Due to repeated drought the country often experiences food security issues. The Mauritania Red Crescent Society has several projects in the country. Volunteers can be engaged with women groups in agricultural projects in parts of the country. Other projects include assisting local health centres.


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