Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world and has extremely beautiful scenery and unique wildlife. Because of the many attractions, Madagascar can be a perfect place for a volunteer oriented working holiday. Among the many volunteer activities on the island, include community building and construction projects. Volunteers are engaged in building projects in rural Madagascar in partnership with an award winning development charity.

Volunteers who enjoy working with the environment will find that Madagascar has several organizations engaged in a variety of conservation activities. In these circumstances, volunteers can be involved in conservation activities involving rare endangered animals such as lemurs or other environmental activity. Some collect data on the endangered species, others are involved in environmental education and tree planting. This program is run by a major local charity operating in Saint Luce.

Other volunteer projects in the country targeting the local community include sustainable development activities. Despite many efforts towards development, Madagascar has many unresolved issues that are catered for by international and local organizations. Volunteers in sustainable development projects work with the community to assist and empower through a wide range of activities. For example, the construction of wells, teaching English, and tree planting.

Volunteers in Madagascar can enlist for typical long-term projects or 2-3 week short-term projects. Typical short-term projects engage volunteers in construction work in schools, and repair of social amenities such as latrines and walls. Other than construction, volunteers in Madagascar can also be engaged in maintenance work such a painting and repair of classroom furniture.


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