Volunteer work is something of a tradition in Liechtenstein and highly appreciated. To show its appreciation the government of Liechtenstein has introduced a Volunteer Service Certificate. Local volunteers can record their work to serve as personal reference. This is highly beneficial when seeking a professional job. Volunteering helps to develop competence, social skills and gain valuable experience. All qualities employers seek.

Volunteers are welcome in all sectors of life especially in homes for the elderly and orphanages. In homes for the elderly volunteers can be responsible for a number of different tasks such as accompanying residents to outings, taking them shopping or just escorting them to doctor’s visits. In orphanages volunteers are needed just to play and spend time with the children. They can also help with the day to day running of the facility. Such volunteer work does not require any special experience, only a willingness to help wherever it is needed.

Working in food kitchens also requires volunteer help. You Tasks include serving food, cleaning, and general running of the kitchen. You can donate as much or as little of your time as you like. Many people opt for just one week of volunteer work while others spend several months.

It is also possible to volunteer in government institutes. Helping with documentation of the daily dealings and running errands in a busy office can be a very educational and interesting experience. Volunteers with interest in government jobs will enjoy observing how the government machinery works.


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