Volunteering is a part of Israeli tradition. During Talmudic times volunteer scholars were responsible for supervising the “Community Chest”. Jewish schools like Tamud, Yeshiva or Torah were voluntary organizations, and communities worked as voluntary self-governments around the world when possible. Roughly one third of Israel’s population are volunteers.

Volunteers from countries around the globe are given the opportunity to work in Israel for short periods of time. Helping archeological excavations is a popular activity during summers. Some work with the aged and sick. The environmentally conscious individuals can join in cleaning nature reserves, beaches, roads or city centers.

Even tourists in Israel can take time out to volunteer. A fun and worthwhile activity is picking fresh fruit and vegetables. This is then distributed among the needy to help improve food insecurity.

There are some study/volunteer programs which include studying about social programs and then implementing the ideas by volunteering. Volunteers can even design their own programs.

Selecting where in Israel they would like to work, the age group they want to serve, the kind of work they are interested in and how long they would like to work.

Israel appreciates the foreigners who come to Israel and volunteer their time for different causes. To make it easier for visitors to choose a program, they prepare lists of organizations requesting volunteers.  Volunteering opportunities are available in a huge array of sectors.


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