Volunteering around the world gives participants international exposure and allows an individual to make a personal contribution to specific course. For many volunteering is something alike a heartfelt thank you note in appreciation for the favour of life.

Whether you are a student or employed and on holiday DRC has a volunteer opportunity for you. The Point Loma Nazarene University in partnership with a missionary in DRC arrange interesting volunteer excursions into DRC. Volunteers in this program visit homeless families, visit churches and participate in feeding programs.

The UNA-DRC also has programs that could interest would be volunteers to enlist. With UNA-DRC, participants work with individuals, community based organizations, authorities, the local UN mission, and its agencies locally and internationally. Participants can join the program for between one week and several months. The best part of this program is that volunteers apply and specify their skills to allow the agency provide a related opportunity. Some of the areas in need of volunteers include community group work, chid education, women education, medical assistance, environmental assistance, counselling among others.

In addition to the above, the abundance of rainforest and animals has seen some organizations set up volunteer assisted conservation organizations in DRC. JACK is one such organization in DRC that is involved in protection and conservation of chimpanzees. The organization is relevant as the primate population has declined from over 1 million in 1960 to at most 300,000 today. Of this number it is believed 40% of the population lives in DRC. Volunteers help feed, care for and record information on the animals. In addition to primate conservation, volunteers are also enrolled in other organizations to help in rainforest conservation.


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