AfghanistanAs one of the least developed countries in the world, Afghanistan is in need of the help provided by international volunteers. There are numerous projects and programmes volunteering wishing to lend a hand can choose from.

The vast majority of volunteering projects, regardless of their nature, are centred in the capital region of Kabul. Those who are interested can choose from a wide variety of programmes: literacy projects are particularly popular and volunteers with a teaching background are preferred; construction programmes are also quite frequent, given the fact that much of the country’s infrastructure was destroyed during the decades of war. There are also volunteer programmes that focus on educating women and on developing their skill base. In addition, volunteers with experience in the health care sector are highly sought after as well. Over 18 years of age is generally a must with all volunteering programmes. Other skill requirements vary from one programme to another.


Volunteer programmes in Afghanistan have a variable length, from one week to several months. In exchange for the programme fee, you will be offered ongoing support, lodging, and meals. Flight fares, visa requirements, and vaccinations are typically up to the volunteer.

We advise you to be meticulous when planning your trip to Afghanistan, as the country is still considered a war zone. Most of Kabul and the northern area of the country are considered to be the safest. In addition, international volunteer agencies will offer you security throughout the whole duration of your stay in Afghanistan. 


Volunteering in Afghanistan – volunteer organisations

A4T provides services to Afghans in need through the knowledge, expertise, skills and dedication of professionals volunteering from abroad. You can contact them directly to learn of volunteering opportunities in Afghanistan. Through their professional, humanitarian organization, they evaluate, select, implement projects inside Afghanistan.They are committed to using contributions for community-driven projects in an effort to make the Afghan people economically independent. Sustainability is actively and practically implemented in their projects. Most projects since 2002 have been successfully turned over to Afghans to operate and fund.

Teach English in Afghanistan – check out these organisations that have teaching jobs in Afghanistan.


Afghanaid is always on the lookout for volunteers. We run a number of events and collections throughout the year and welcome individuals who are able to give their time.

The UNDP in Afghanistan has volunteer positions. UNDP has been present in Afghanistan for over 50 years and continued to operate from Islamabad during the Taliban régime. UNDP supports the people of Afghanistan as they face new challenges and move their country from recovery to development towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by 2020. The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Programme will tell you all you need to know.

The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project is an organization established to provide dental treatment facilities in underserved areas of Afghanistan, to staff these facilities with volunteers, to train the Afghan people in dentistry and dental technology, to provide dental treatment at no cost to the needy, and to provide instruction in methods of preventative dental care. Volunteers needed for Kabul, Afghanistan.

Afghan Relief Organization is a humanitarian organization which has opportunities to volunteer in Afghanistan.


Help Afghan School Children Org Hasco Afghanistan We have Online volunteers in different countries. Online volunteers undertake a variety of assignments to help HASCO.


Aina World Aïna needs volunteers as well as professionals in the area of the media, education, culture and communication.


Terre Des Hommes Afghanistan Tdh Throughout Switzerland, Terre des hommes relies on a sizeable foundation of volunteer work. More than 2’500 people are committed to respecting child rights, and are thus agents for a better world.




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