In terms of higher education programmes, Venezuela is not the most popular of choices for foreign students seeking a learning experience abroad. Most university programmes revolve around learning Spanish and sometimes Portuguese. In general, these programmes can be found in Venezuela’s larger cities, such as Caracas or Merida.

With some programmes, you will be hosted by a local family that will also provide you with daily meals. This is a great way of learning more about the Venezuelan culture firsthand, not to mention that it is also a very cost-effective option. Nonetheless, the cost of living in Venezuela is not very high, so you will most likely be able to support yourself even if you are not living with a local family.

You can also find an immersion programme, which, apart from conducting language classes, also organises various activities, such as expeditions in the Andes. You may also enrol in Spanish classes provided by private institutions, which are typically shorter in length. Alternatively, you can also contact an independent teacher and arrange a programme with them.

The Venezuelan coast line is home to programmes revolving around scuba diving. You can opt for a programme on recreational diving or you can enrol in a class that will prepare you for becoming a professional diving instructor or guide. With this type of programmes, Spanish courses are almost always included.

Visa requirements depend on the length of your stay in Venezuela, so contact their embassy for more detailed information.


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