Having emerged from conflict and made progress made progress with efforts to reconstruct, Rwanda is at a crucial developmental stage and requires much human capital. For this reason, the government is investing both time and money in education.  

The National University of Rwanda is the oldest and most ambitious institution in the country. The university boasts many research centres and has strong links with several international universities. Students interested in studying in Rwanda can consider this a good place to begin their studies in the country. Efforts to rebuild Rwanda have seen a number of institutions extend and open campuses in the country. The Edinburgh Business School currently has an operational branch in Rwanda and can facilitate exchange study.

The Missouri University also has a program that is open to enrolled and unenrolled students that take students to Rwanda to study Genocide. The goal of the program is to provide the students a perspective of Genocide. The program involves typical study activity and has classroom lectures, discussion sessions and excursions. The course coves various topics including the history of the genocide, the role of the media, religious institutions and the reconciliation efforts.

In addition to university study programs, students can also get to visit Rwanda through educational travel programs. An example of this is the Tulane University program to study disaster resilience. Other organizations such as SIT also run programs that take students to Rwanda also to study the country Post Genocide and peace building. Rwanda is very peaceful country and studying there can help students embrace third world issues as well as assess their impact.


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