Tunisia is the Northernmost African nation. Southern Tunisia lies in the Sahara with the remainder composed of fertile lands and 1300 kilometres of coastline. Like much of North Africa, the country has a fusion of cultures making it a perfect place for study abroad.

The Learn and serve program is among the many avenues one can use to study and visit Tunisia. Students in the program get to learn Arabic while visiting the country and other major cities in North Africa. The program provides a great way to make friends from other parts of the world. In addition to study, participants also get to immerse themselves in volunteer activities.

Another good program that brings students to Tunisia is known as SIT. The program is especially favoured by students as the study involves plenty of field activity. For students already in a university the change of country and study setting makes the trip all the more enjoyable. Most field excursions last about a week. Students enlisted are often accommodated by a local family providing an even richer cultural experience. However, students are free to explore alternative accommodation if they feel they need to.

Students of Loyola University in Chicago, also have a summer program that brings interested students to visit and study in the country. In addition to this, Tunisia also has many good intensive Arabic culture and Language studies offered in Tunis. Study a broad programs are perfect opportunity to travel and gain relevant credits, many programs are suited for a variety of majors including journalism, international relations, African studies, International business among others.


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