Peru has a vast variety of educational opportunities to offer foreign nationals who are interested in studying in the country. There are roughly one hundred public and private institutes of varying standards in Peru. Majority of them are located in Lima, and many can be found in other parts of the country.

There are five distinct types of facilities of higher education found in Peru. First there is the government funded public university. Second category is made up of private institutes. These run on tuition charged to the students or they may get some funding from non-profit entities. Next in line are the technical institutes which train students in specialized fields like engineering or agriculture. In fourth place are the higher pedagogical institutes that train teachers. Finally there are the general institutes of higher education, something akin to a university branch. All educational organizations come under the Ministry of Education. Admission to Peruvian universities is not easy as there are many rather difficult exams you have to clear before being granted admission.

Peruvian universities offer some rather unique programs which allow students to take up summer studies. One example is the newly offered Semester at sea accelerator program for tech entrepreneurs. It takes international students and puts them on a boat where they study entrepreneurship while solving the most tacking problems of the world. During the voyage, participants get to work and learn from some renowned innovators.

Another study option for students taking a gap year is the programs that merge travel, education, culture, community service projects and leadership development qualities in a single program. This program comes with the option of transferring credits for those interested in taking it as a part of their regular studies.  


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