With a strong education system that is developing as fast as its economy, Mexico has a lot to offer the foreign nationals who opt to study here. Ten Mexican educational institutes stand in the global 700 league. Besides the nightlife of Mexico City, Cancun beaches and a rich culture, Mexico is able to offer students short-term or full degree programs leading to undergraduate or graduate degrees. Certificate and diploma programs, along with language studies and a host of other options like internships, community service or research residencies are also available.

All qualified students can study in Mexican institutes of higher learning. Students wishing to avail the exchange programs have to be enrolled in universities that have exchange agreement with Mexican institutes. Most courses in Mexico are conducted in Spanish, but it is possible to find programs taught in English, especially in private universities.

Mexico also has a number of Technical Institutes that provide technical training and upon the successful completion of the course students are awarded technical degrees or diplomas. There is a wide range of courses available  including engineering, computing, design and fashion to name a few.

Some of the universities have arrangements with local business, and firms and run internship programs for their students. While immigration laws prohibit foreign students from being compensated during these internships, sometimes companies offer nominal stipend to cover transport or food. Internships are possible in business, engineering & high tech, social sciences and humanities. It is desirable that interns speak Spanish as majority of the people at the workplaces converse in Spanish, but there are a limited number of English speaking internships available. Internships are the ideal way to polish language skills and acquire business experience.


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