Most higher education institutions open to foreigners are located in Asunción or other large cities in Paraguay. Some of the best ranked programmes in the country include Information System Management and Language studies. To improve your chances of finding a university in Paraguay, you should contact your local academic adviser to see if your home institution has any affiliate programmes with Paraguayan establishments. If this is the case, you might even be able to obtain a scholarship to fund your Paraguayan study programme. There are also several programmes open to high school students who wish to spend a semester or two in this South American country.

Some study programmes in Paraguay offer you the chance to stay with a local family and also organise various social events and excursions, so that you’ll more easily immerse yourself in the local culture. Several institutions accept online applications, but the exact entry requirements may vary from one establishment to another. Most programmes are either one or two semester long, but you can also find several summer exchange programmes.

Language studies can be organised outside of higher education institutions as well. You can study Spanish with various public and private institutions and choose between several types of classes. Additionally, you may also enrol in a Guarani class, which is the other official language in Paraguay. The length for such a class will vary according to the institution that is offering it.

It is advisable that you contact the Paraguayan embassy in your home country for relevant information regarding how to apply for a student visa.


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