Nigeria is huge country and students interested in studying there can expect to indulge in many diverse cultures. Nigeria is West Africa’s economic giant is comparatively modern and faster-paced than many of her neighbours. For this reason, it is likely prospectors will find more opportunities here than in other countries. However, rampant corruption is a bit of an issue.

The American University of Nigeria has specific study abroad programs designed to allow foreign students immerse themselves in African culture. At this institution, students learn in American style lecture halls, and part of the program incorporates community service to provide interaction with the local community.

Similar study abroad programs are offered by the University of Lagos (UNILAG). However, the UNILAG program is designed for post-graduate students and allows international opportunities to complete part of the post graduate courses in the country. This program appears very suitable for students interested in research on an existing African issue.  Imo University also has partnership study abroad program with Savannah State University that takes international students to study African history in Owerri, Nigeria.

In addition to these institutions, Nigeria has many federal universities and private universities all worth considering. For student’s interest in the history of the nation, Ibadan home of the country’s first university is perfect location. In addition to study abroad options, few Nigerian institutions have began to offer distance learning course which can enable students from other African nations receive certificates and awards from these institutions. An example is the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).


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