Having an international outlook often takes students even to hot countries such as Niger. The oldest public institution in the Universite’ Abdou Moumouni (formerly University of Niamey) is a perfect place to begin. The school has various colleges including the college of Agronomy, Science, and Arts and Sciences. In addition to that, the institution had three institutes of technology that have since been incorporated into the university located in Zinder, Maradi and Tahoua. These have not only expanded enrolment but have added to the number of courses available at the institution.

For students interested in Islamic studies, Niger has a very good institution named the Islamic University of Niger. The proposal to develop the institution was first hatched in 1974 and approved in 1984 at events sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The funding for the university was sought from the OIC and the institution was built in the town of Say. Say is located about 37 kilometres from the Niamey and has a long history as a centre of learning. Students at the institution can select from courses offered by the various faculty including Sharia and Islamic studies, Arabic language and literature, among others.

Some institutions such as the Amherst College through CCE summer internship program send large numbers of students on internship assignments to various global locations including Niger. The Wheaton College also has a 37-year-old program named HNGR internships that takes students to many global locations including Niger. In addition to these, the Northeastern University also has an international internship program for political science students, and Niger is among the many destinations. Students should also consider internships with the various international organizations operational within the country.


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