Cameroon has enjoyed persistent peace since independence in 1960 and for this reason has several good learning institutions. For students interested in studying in Cameroon, some of the institution to consider include University of Yaoundé, Buea, Douala Ngaoundre, and Yaoundé Catholic University to name a few.

The University of Yaoundé is oldest institution in the country, established in 1962. The University was established with the help of the French and in 1993 split into two autonomous branches. The institution has several programs that can help international students seeking to study in a foreign country.

Cameroon is particularly good study abroad option for students from all over Africa. Institutions such as the Bamenda University of Science and Technology recently took to providing online courses to registered students. Though the courses lack the aspects that travel adds to education, they are internationally recognised and suitably designed for students experiencing financial constraints or who are unable to attend regular sessions because of work. The institution offers certificate, diploma, degree and higher national diploma courses online.

In addition to these university courses, students from the greater Diaspora can benefit from study abroad programs operated by organizations such as SIT and Midwife International. SIT periodically invites students to study social pluralism and development in Cameroon. Midwife International also brings students to undertake an intensive 10-week course that ensures students get proper experience in the field while gaining better understanding of national health issues. The SAGE organization also has a unique study abroad program specifically for high schools students. The program operates from Yaoundé in partnership with the American School of Yaoundé (ASOY). Whether visiting Cameroon as a high school student, undergraduate or via private programs, make sure you visit to this African nation is memorable.


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